3/04 A Sunday Just For Members - THIS EVENT IS BEING RESCHEDULED

03/04/2018 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM PT


With a lecture by Dr. Bradford King, "Camellia Impressionism"


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Our first members-only Sunday was so lovely, we plan to continue having them as a way to thank our members for their support and participation in this unique and creative community. Members enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the garden and some stayed for hours enjoying the peace and quiet, and attending the various activities offered for both adults and children. More information on that later...

A highlight of the day on March 4th will be a talk--"Camellia Impressionism"--by Dr. Bradford King, President of the Southern California Camellia Society.

There are many passionate camellia lovers out there and Dr. Bradford King shares their love and speaks their language. His timing is perfect as there will be many camellias in bloom all around the garden. With a slideshow of the various types of camellias grown in Southern California, Dr. King will explore the histories and characteristics of these beautiful Asian flowers. Interestingly, he pairs each one with an image of its namesake, such as  "Cherries Jubilee" and the famous dessert.

Please make a reservation for admission and a seat for the 2:00 lecture.

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